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WIN Insights provides all the information, tools and resources you need to foster engagement and inclusion within your team, business or agency. WIN provides HR, D&I and managers professional certification and ongoing support. You can join WIN Insights as an individual Professional HR and D&I practitioner, manager or team, or as an entire organization. Through ELearning, soft skills training courses, innovative on-demand tools, and expert moderated forums, you can grow within a community of peers. Get what you want when you need it. Take a look around, sign up for a free trial, or contact us and we can help you get started!

The Solution

WIN Insights Learning Tracks and Modules are developed collaboratively by Organization Development and Diversity and Inclusion Practitioners. They are based on sound organization and cultural change principles, as well as the most recent findings and guidelines with respect to identity, engagement, diversity and inclusion. All of the modules approach inclusion from both an organizational and an individual perspective.

Win InsightsPlus is a dynamic web-based interactive LMS that allows clients to build a more inclusive workplace that drives high performance. It is more than a training tool… it is a multi-faceted platform for building informed, respectful relationships through honest dialogue.



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One of the most creative training products available on the market. It uses a variety of metaphors, visual-based learning, and facilitated discussions to enhance the retention of learnings and to make diversity & inclusion training an enjoyable experience.

Why you should use the Building an Inclusive Culture Engagement Map Workshop
  • Provides a big picture understanding of diversity and inclusion in 120 minutes

  •  Accelerates the learning process by combining visualization with small group conversation – allowing learners to spend less time in the classroom and more time on the job

  • Can train large numbers of people in a short amount of time

How can this help my Organization?
  • Quickly aligns the entire organization, creating a readiness to implement diversity and inclusion

  • Can be expanded to incorporate strategic planning that allows learners to provide input on things that can be done to build a more inclusive workplace 

  • Cost effective for any size organization


Diversity & Inclusion Management Services


The Diversity & Inclusion Management Services were created to facilitate the organizational change needed to build and sustain an inclusive culture or transition an existing diversity & inclusion program into one providing greater success.

Interim Chief Diversity (iCDO) Program

Our iCDO Program was created to provide support to organizations going through leadership change in their diversity & inclusion program. Our iCDO's are senior diversity leaders with experience leading diversity efforts 

Our iCDO can provide short or long-term leadership for your efforts, serve as a mentor for your staff, and  preserve hard fought for diversity & inclusion gains.

CDO Executive Search

Our Executive search service will help you find the right person to fill a vacant diversity leader position. We combine advanced search tools with top notch industry connections to ensure you find the right candidate quickly.



CDO Mentoring/Coaching
First-time Chief Diversity Officers, no matter how talented, can benefit from mentoring/coaching from experienced diversity & inclusion leaders. We provide a customized package of on-site support and remote coaching to ensure your leader hits the ground running from day one. 

-DR. Jocelyn Vickers

Director, Student Excellence Programs

Auburn University

"As our interim Chief Diversity Officer, Bill was able to help the staff understand ways to more effectively perform their daily duties. He coached our staff and got the best from each and every one of us. He made organizational changes that significantly improved workflow. Simply put, he got the results you want."



This web-based instrument supports those clients who want to bring their organizational assessment process in-house. The ESS:


  • Can be easily administered online as a pre/post instrument for continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of diversity & inclusion efforts;

  • Automatically generates a full-color, fully formatted report of results; and

  • Offers new clients orientation and training by our team of experts.

"Individuals at all levels of the department with which you worked have told me and the V.P. of HR what a change they feel in the relationships and the work environment since your involvement."

-Sue Kirkland

National Director

HRD American Cancer Society

Cultural Audit

The cultural audit includes our Environmental Scan Survey and supplements it with data collected via focus groups, key stakeholder interviews and a detailed review of organizational policies and procedures.


Our Cultural Audit was designed by a former CIA analyst to identify challenges and obstacles that may prevent our clients from:​

  • Taking full advantage of their culturally diverse workforce;

  • Effectively serving diverse communities; and

  • Gaining or retaining market share.

This cultural audit analyzes objective and subjective information. Findings are reported both orally and in a detailed written report.



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